By now you should be receiving your stimulus payment.

Congratulations. You get a $1400.00 one-time payment

Spend wisely cause your definitely gonna need this to pay your rent, mortgages, credit cards, utilities and other needs.

The money can also help stimulate the economy as our restaurants and bars open back up, casinos, church doors and plenty more places that can restart our economy from one year ago where everything in the world had to come to a complete screeching halt.

I also seen social media “financial planners” and others talking about “save your money, start a business and don’t spend it on frivolous stuff”. I have to assume these people are not getting any stimulus checks because the advice is stern and strict.

But in any case, that money is yours. This is the largest payout in U.S. History and as of Monday the previous protections of eviction and payment deferments have expired. This is the right time to stimulate the economy.

The coronavirus vaccines are available still and now they have expanded access that people 16 and older can receive the coronavirus shot and second dose starting April 5, 2021 and hopefully that everyone will be vaccinated by May 1, 2020.

There will be a new site set up at Ford Field for residents in the city and southeastern Michigan can come down and get the shot. The big 4 executives of southeastern Michigan are encouraging their residents to get the shot made available with no appointments or excuses. There are also efforts to make the shots accessible to all target populations and do a mobile outreach for those with no transportation.

President Moneybags Joe Biden has definitely came through and delivered on his promise to the American people. Lets see what happens next.

Gang, as I was celebrating with you last Sunday on The Hour of Truth to Power program, I am cautious that we should have fought for more, protested for a higher payment amount and also pushed for more and better extensions and precedents. I am so concerned what is going to happen later if this economy does not recover. Don’t spend your money too quickly. As my grandmother would say you cannot have champagne dreams off malt liquor money. Save your money and conserve it for when you really are in need.

Do not go downtown, walking around the casino, parlaying like you are a big baller shotcaller, or be seen eating crab legs and lobsters at the Sindbads. Don’t go buying large amounts of alcohol or throw your money at a strip club. We know Detroit wants to have a good time and do not throw your money away giving it to these preachers at some of the 4 thousand Detroit churches. They got a bailout already.

The coronavirus numbers are steadily going up and hospitalizations are still happening. Still continue to wear your mask, practice social distancing and keep washing your hands using the hand sanitizers.