Lately there have been an increasing number of attacks on Asians from hate crimes to flat out assaults. There have also been disrespectful rhetoric and propaganda coming from right wing hate artists blaming the Asian and Chinese populations for the coronavirus pandemic.


We do not condone attacks against anyone in this country.

We also do not assault or harm anyone of color and that include Asians.

All of this have been stirred up since last year when President Donald Trump mocked the Chinese president, made statements with the negative racist slur “china-virus” and have enabled hate artists to spread lies, disinformation and even threats against the Asian community.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated that Asian attacks are on the rise.

There was also a recent shooting that have taken place which has 8 people dead from one lone gunman at a massage parlor in Atlanta. More details are developing as I type this blog.

Detroit has had a bad history with our Asian population still reeling over the gruesome beating of Vincent Chu, a worker for the newspaper who was beaten by an angry mob in the 1980s newspaper strikes. Every year there is a commemoration for Chu and it shows to highlight how much work there is to prevent another situation like this from happening ever again.

In the black community, there is little empathy for Asians as there is a misunderstood cultural line of respect and ownership. As some people taken to social media to denounce the attacks, black people had other reservation either not showing support, making a statement of all lives matter or simply not acknowledging that they are a minority too and that both races are marginalized.

At this time, we as African Americans need to show some sympathy and respect. We all are victims of a internalized system of racism, white supremacy and privilege. Also remember that as black people, we were once beaten for being colored and treated worse in the same way. This is our fight just as well as any other race. Muslims were discriminated against at the beginning of Donald Trumps presidency and there was multiple shootings at religious places of worship and gatherings. The Indian Hindu population was targeted by white supremacists and racists shooting up their places of worship. Dylan Roof walked into a black church in Charleston South Carolina and shot 9 black people because in his manifesto, he was tired of seeing black achievements and troubled with hate.

I can go on and on but we have to take a stand that no matter what your race, gender, sexuality, political beliefs or preferences are, we all have a right to exist in this free country. We have a right to be who we want, act how we are and live however we want to live. This goes for the LBGTQIA and other minorities who feel persecuted and afraid everyday for their lives. We the people have to stand with each other as this fight has to be all of our fight. We have to protect and honor one another as family. That’s the only way we can co-exist. No hate is allowed in our state.

Denounce the Asian attacks and the perpetrators of these events.