Detroit Will Breathe Wins in Federal Court against the city and its false counterclaims on black lives matter.

Chief James “Hollywood” Craig, Lawrence Garcia, City of Detroit Law Department, Mayor Mike Duggan and Baker Tilly law firm with Reginald Turner representing the Detroit City Council are the defendants in this case alleging DWB has incited violence, mayhem and crime during last summer Black Lives Matter protests. DWB taken the city to court to sue them for harassment, assault with great bodily injury and plenty more offenses against the people by Detroit Police Department.

The federal judge in that case says The City of Detroit has no “merit” to this case and lacks sufficient reasons and evidence of its claims. Therefore, the judge thrown out the counterclaim and over $200,000 that was spent approving the lawsuit against DWB by the city has just been wasted. Thrown into the fire as Bankole Thompson from Redline Radio Host puts it point blank. Also keep in note that protestors cases of disorderly conduct, insubordination and refusal to disperse has been dismissed and thrown out in court already and this decision upholds it.

This case has huge implications and also freedom for Detroit Protestors and Protestors across the country that are fighting their cases and challenging their court judicial systems.  As we see, there has been personal vendettas by elected representatives of different town and cities to make black lives matter protestors pay a hefty price for simply demonstrating their first amendment rights. There have also been attempts to trump up charges against protestors and charge them with felonies and other crimes that have long lasting consequences to innocent people who are fighting back against injustice.

As an activist and protestor, I take holding the bullhorn seriously. It comes with a sense of pride and respect and it also come as a risk. You have to be ready to withstand any challenge that comes before you. You have to be ready for haters, detractors, those who don’t agree with us and also the police which can break up our protest and make us disperse. We will not leave or rather not be moved anywhere so here we stand. We stand and make our mark. It’s a symbolic gesture.

Shame shame shame on Detroit city officials and their useless lawsuit. This is a waste of money and speaking as a resident and taxpayer, I did not approve of my tax dollars being used to come after other protestors on a frivolous lawsuit. This is a terrible thing that should have never ever occurred.

How about we charge those capitol insurrectionists the serious charges and go after them again.