The Day America was attacked from the inside:

What a Day,

It would lead up to a day we all would never forget. America made their choices by election on Tuesday November 3, 2020 by electing Joe Biden as President Elect of the United States and Kamala Harris as Vice President of the USA. The weeks after having been hell for Donald J. Trump claiming election fraud and a cheated results that should have nominated him as the winner. Just after in December, over 167 republicans vowed to challenge election results in their own states and following baseless court cases waged by President Trump that resulted in denials, throw outs and plain laughter that Joe Biden won fair and square by vote of the people. Consider in the days leading up to this that Senator Ted Cruz and newly freshman republican congressman Josh Hartley taken the initiative upon themselves to object to the election of Joe Biden and American Democracy along with 127 of the retrumplicans following alongside their plan. What happened next, would be history.

But NOBODY ever dreamed of a day that Donald Trump would lead a rally of violent insurgents by inciting a riot, leading them to the United States Capitol and allowing them to run roughshod over our US Capitol police officers, destroying everything in their midst with a plan to kidnap, hold hostage and even kill our elected congresspeople. Oh yeah let us not also forget the night before in the Georgia Election Runoff, Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won their seats in congress and have now tipped the scales of control going to democrats. This angered the white so called patriotic fools that took note of it and continued their melee of terror. The images displayed on our TV screens are horrific and extremely hard to absorb into the psyche of American media and the masses watching this scene play out over the course of this horrible day. The violent mob stormed the capitol after 2:30PM eastern standard time I remember me waking up to see this madness at 3:00pm and watched for 20 minutes screaming at my TV “Get Those Fascist Thugs out of the premises of our government NOW” I did not see the national guards, the homeland security or our department of justice do anything to end this invasion. Angry as hell, I instantly took to my Facebook Live and demanded we the people do something to stop these people committing from further damage. Had this been Black Lives Matter protestors committing an insurgency (for which I believe they would not ever engage to do) they would be shot and killed in cold blood, bodies dropping like flies and more. We all know now when white America cannot get their way, they get violent and run the streets like bloodthirsty hounds. The images remind me of the stories told by my ancestors of KKK members violently coming into homes of black people, destroying everything in their midst, beating up and even killing those to intimidate fear for them not to vote or engage in the process of democracy. To keep things the way they are. But Today serves as a reminder that hate and violence will not prevail. Democracy is powerful.