Robert Ficano

Robert Ficano

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in today for a fresh beginning not only of our Republic but also in stark contrast to the previous Administration.

Yes, now is a time to rejoice and even breathe a sigh of relief for what our Nation has endured these past years.

The very platform where President Biden and Vice President Harris stood was overrun on January 6 by a mob trying to stop Congress from affirming Joe Biden as the 46th President.

There are many high expectations for this new Administration. Let’s hope the expectations can be met.

There is a tendency for a party to overreach when it first gets into power. Let’s hope the Democrats in Congress and the Administration are able to carry out many of its ideas and policies without disappointing those who supported them and alienate those who did not.

Two issues come to mind right away. Big Tech and Defund the police.

Most people agree President Trump needed to be taken off Twitter and Facebook. The problem is what is accepted now might not be accepted in the future concerning Democrats. Beware of the power of Big Tech judging who should be given a platform and who should not. Tomorrow it could be Democrats banned by the tech giants. What are the rules?

Defunding the police—this battle cry for many means many things to different people. Yes, get bad cops off the forces and educate the officers and train them. Do not make the police look like an occupying army.  Be careful to raise heated rhetoric and stereo type all police.

As a former Democratic official, but more importantly as an American, I have nothing but the best hopes and belief the President Biden and Vice President Harris can unite this Country.

About Robert Ficano

Robert A. Ficano is the former Wayne County Sheriff and Wayne County Executive serving in public office over 32 years.

He currently is an adjunct professor teaching criminal justice and corrections at Wayne County Community College. Mr. Ficano also practices law in the Detroit metropolitan area.

He hosts a 2 hour community program on Adell radio 910AM Sundays between 8 to 10AM.