Cartoonist drawing of first lady Michelle Obama, raises MANY eyebrows-Judge for yourself.

Political cartoonist Ben Garrison published an image on his Twitter page that raised many eyebrows. The above photo shows our first lady Michelle Obama, very masculine, angry, and aggressive. First Lady Obama is contrasted with an image of Melania Trump, wife of GOP nominee Donald Trump. Melania Trump is shown flashing a beautiful smile, wearing a feminine and sexy dress, all while keeping a very soft silhouette. Under her “TRUMP” sign which she holds proudly, there is a caption that reads, “Make the first lady great again!” Our question is, “Was first lady Obama not great? Considering she is an advocate for post-secondary education, healthy lifestyles, and the wellness of international adolescent girls, we would say she’s pretty great! (And we must admit, she looks great while doing so!)

Obviously, the cartoon caused an uproar on social media. People called it “racist”, “typical” and “just dumb”-which caused the creator to speak out. Garrison asked the question to his critics, “Do liberals react the same way when black conservatives … and many others have been attacked?”