Does radio need its own version of TMZ? A station that serves the Detroit metro is convinced it will be a boon for Michigan listeners—and its bottom line. Adell Broadcasting’s “The Word Radio Network” WFDF Southfield/Farmington Hills, MI (910) is seguing from “Detroit’s Largest Voice For African-Americans” to what the Detroit Free Press deems scandal central.

“If I just took a normal person and put them on the air it would be boring,” said station owner Kevin Adell, who bought the station last year and began developing the new strain of talk radio three months ago. “We’re the go-to station for controversy. And there’s no shortage of scandals.”

The brokered station’s lineup comprises “plenty of scandal-tainted talent,” the Free Press says, including, Christine Beatty, the former chief of staff and mistress to former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick; former Detroit Police chief Ralph Godbee, who retired from the department after involvement in a sex scandal; former Wayne County judge Wade McCree, who was banned from the bench after he had an affair with a woman appearing before him in a child support case; ex-state rep. Todd Courser (R-Lapeer), who resigned from his seat after involvement in a sex scandal and cover-up; and former lawmaker Cindy Gamrat, a Republican also involved in the scandal and an extramarital affair with Courser.

“People have life problems and scandal. That’s what this does. It gives people an opportunity to participate,” Adell added. None of the radio hosts are paid by the station, but if they bring in advertising specific to their show, they keep that revenue.